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Tired of being tired???

woman exhausted holding a cup of coffee

Tired of being tired???

There are many factors involved with feeling tired. If you are overtired, Traditional Chinese Medicine is able to pinpoint the culprit, give some extra pep and help you kick those afternoon blues.

In TCM, the idea of treatment is to find the root of the problem instead of simply treating the symptoms. In the case of fatigue, there are many possible root causes to feeling tired including: stress, depression, over exercising, lack of sleep, poor diet, poor absorption of nutrients and vitamin deficiency. Of course, these can overlap and one can exacerbate the other.

woman holding cup of coffee with head down and sleeping on kitchen counter

Possible TCM Syndromes

Spleen qi deficiency and dampness

This mainly comes from poor digestion and malabsorption of nutrients from an insufficient diet. Associated symptoms are a pale complexion, gas and bloating, to name a few. Dampness is excessive mucus and a feeling of heaviness in the head and body usually seen in overweight individuals. Since food is not digested well, food is not absorbed adequately, which can lead to feeling sluggish. Treatment focuses on digestive issues and lifestyle choices to increase energy.

Blood deficiency

Similar to anemia, symptoms are pale complexion, dizziness and fatigue. Treatment focuses on building blood,herbal formulas and dietary advice.

yin or yang deficiency

The body continually strives to achieve a yin and yang balance, as does everything in the universe. If there is an imbalance in one of these, there will be a relative change in the other. For example, if one is yin deficient the symptoms would include heat, dryness, sweating, irritability and thirst. Menopausal women typically have yin deficiency symptoms. Yin declines with hormone changes and normal aging.

On the other hand, yang deficiency (common in male aging and low testosterone) would have cold signs such as feeling cold, having low energy, weakness in the legs and wanting to curl up. The lower yang energy influences the balance of yin. As a result, the yin is relatively higher. Treatment consists of building the deficiency and balancing your yin and yang.

In other terms, if it is a hormone imbalance, treatment would safely adjust hormone levels with safe and effective herbal formulas and acupuncture. Click here to learn more about hormonal health.

shen disturbance

Shen refers to the mind and spirit. If one is stressed, angry and having anxiety, it may disrupt sleep patterns, which would cause fatigue. Unhappiness with one’s situation causes great emotional fatigue and lethargy. Feeling stuck causes stagnation in the liver channel and disrupts the free flow of energy. Treatment would include calming the mind and adjusting lifestyle choices.

Want more energy?

Do you see your self described above???

Tired of feeling this way???

What are you missing out on in your life because you are tired???

What could you be doing if you had more energy???

Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutritional therapy can help to get you back on your feet.

Call 720-767-2213 for a free 15 minute consultation on how Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutritional therapy can help you. Or, if you want more information, click here to go to our website to learn more, sign up for our newsletter or book your appointment online.

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