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The Wood Child

The Wood Child

The wood child can be described as an artist, strategist and/or planner.  Characteristics seen in the wood child include enjoying speed, pressure, and novelty.  Personality traits seen in the wood child is confidence, assertive, competitive, decisive and bold.  These kids tend to be drawn to physical activity and have advanced motor skills for their age.  They are logical, linear thinkers, love exploring, pushing limits, and goal driven.  They tend to be kinesthetic learners.  Great ways to help your Wood child thrive at home is with positive reinforcement and avoid yelling, and feeding them a protein rich diet.

At school, if you are able to let their teacher know, here are some tips to help them thrive in that environment.  Give them a job.  Let them try on their own with minimal guidance.  Find opportunities for them to get up and move around.  Seat them to promote focus.  Explain the logical consequences.  Structured learning environments work well.

Imbalance of Wood Child

When a Wood child becomes imbalanced they become the “wild child”, out of control.  They are easily distracted, very easily frustrated, hyperactive, hostile, angry, aggression, shouting.  A wood child will feel constrained by stillness.  They become more susceptible to tension headaches, migraines, muscle cramps, stiff, weak joints, and more prone to tendon or ligament injuries.

Exercises for the Wood Child

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Lateral Jump – jumping back and forth over a rope or line on the floor.

Environment for the Wood Child

To support your wood child’s development make sure to have the following items:

  1. Enough physical space and time to jump, run, balance, and swing?
  2. Physical objects, items or playmates (other than electronic toys or computers) to encourage imagination and creativity for games and playing?
  3. Space to be loud, shout, and use playful screaming during outbursts of energy?
  4. Large toys for climbing on, stacking and building forts and walls?
  5. Access to age-appropriate opportunities to encourage her to be creative and use planning skills and strategies?


Acupuncture can also help bring balance back into your Wood child.  Call 720-767-2213 or go to Blue Butterfly Holistic Health to schedule an appointment.

Wood element

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