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The Fire Child

The Fire Child

The fire child is enthusiastic and spontaneous in his/her play.  They also can be described as a leader or performer. For example, the Fire child likes new things, are attracted to “bright, shiny objects,” and would be happy to sing you a song.  Characteristics seen in the Fire child are they enjoy excitement and sensuality, and seek contact and intimacy.  Also, they are passionate, sensitive and empathetic.  For instance, as a playmate, they make sure that everyone is included.  Personality traits include lively, charismatic, optimistic and enthusiastic.    They are intuitive learners.

Great ways to help your Fire child thrive at home is with regular meals including a protein snack after school and drinking plenty of water.  An Epsom salt bath before bed will help them to wind down and sleep.  Set clear goals to get beyond instant gratification.  These kids respond best with a mapped schedule for physical activity and quiet time, as well as, emotional regulation tools.  Helping them to balance humor and being silly, acting/performing, and teaching them to trust their intuition to manage their emotions.

Great tips for the teacher to help the child excel at school include being aware that they may have difficulty focusing for long periods and tend to get disruptive so allow them to shift between projects more frequently.  Using gentle guidance, such as a hand on the shoulder, to remind them to contain excitement rather than stern discipline is helpful.

Imbalance of Fire Child

With an imbalance in the Fire child they become the “class clown” or “drama queen.”  They are distracted by boredom, impulsive, easily over-stimulated.  They will have meltdowns, panic attacks, or inappropriate physical behavior.  They crave sensation and have poor sensory integration.  Difficulty waiting for the instructions to be completely given and wanting to give the answer before the teacher has finished explaining can be seen in an imbalanced fire child.  They are susceptible to speech disorders, poor circulation, sleep disorders, restlessness and canker sores.

Exercises for the Fire Child

  1. Wheelbarrow – This will require you or another person to play with them.  The child goes on all fours and the partner lifts up the child’s legs.  The child uses his hands to walk around.
  2. Crab soccer – Set up a goal.  Have the child put hands and feet on the floor, knees bent, belly facing the ceiling, and bottom lifted up off the floor.  Have the child move to kick the goal into the goal.  Even better if one other person or a group can play as well.

Environment for the Fire Child

  1. Opportunities to express his personal humor and experience other forms of appropriate humor.
  2. Feel safe to verbally communicate his feelings, ideas, and warmth to others in his life, and is given examples of this.
  3. Opportunities to develop playmates and friendships.
  4. Self expression without ridicule and sarcasm.

If you believe your child is a Fire child and has an imbalance, acupuncture can help as well.  Call 720-767-2213 or go to Blue Butterfly Holistic Health to schedule an appointment.


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