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As I start building my practice and spreading the word, I have many people ask me how I came up with the name Blue Butterfly.  Let me tell you it was a process.  A bit of a stressful process to think of something that would resonate with me and be attractive to clients, especially kids. We will start with Butterfly. As soon as I started to think about a name the word "transformation" kept coming up for me - in my head, in classes, in readings.  But using the actual word sounded too serious, too weighty, too burdensome.  So I started thinking about what in this world goes through transformations.  Butterfly, caterpillar, moth, phoenix, etc.  I ruminated on these for close to a month while I thought about if I wanted another word to go with it. Coming up with Blue came about a little more organically. I had already had it in the...