My Health Journey - Part 3 - Blue Butterfly Holistic Health
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My Health Journey – Part 3

Acupuncturist, nutritional therapy practitioner

My Health Journey – Part 3

If you are haven’t read the first two parts of my health journey, click here to start at the beginning.

Rough Start

As I had mentioned at the end of my previous post on my health journey, my new protocol started October 10. As I have done elimination diets in the past I didn’t really prep myself or my kitchen. Huge mistake. The first week I felt like I could not eat anything. Everything that I had been eating recently was or contained an ingredient that I was not allowed to eat. I felt like a failure already.

It was then that I decided to take a different perspective. This was an opportunity to try new foods and recipes. I searched for recipes without the ingredients I wasn’t allowed. I gathered about 8 recipes and decided to give that a start. Boy did that change my perspective. I also looked at the foods that had very little reactivity on my food sensitivities list and decided to start including more of them in my diet.

Supplement protocol

The supplement protocol did seem a bit daunting. Some needed to be taken with meals. Another needed to be taken 30 minutes before meals. And one other needed to be taken at least 1 hour away from food, other supplements or any medications. Luckily I found an app that I could set the times when I needed to take the supplements and it would remind me. It made following the supplement protocol a breeze!


When I started my protocol I did not think about the time frame. That it would continue through January 10. Thanksgiving and Christmas would be included in my 3 month protocol. Thanksgiving wasn’t too saddening as most of the food I really enjoy I would still be able to eat. But I am very saddened about Christmas. I am one quarter German Czech and my grandma always made amazing pastries and cinnamon rolls for us for breakfast. Since she passed away, my parents have continued the tradition. Unfortunately, every yummy traditional food I love for Christmas has wheat flour. The one food in my food sensitivities list that tested high and am unable to reintroduce until April 10! My plan is to freeze a couple of items and use them when I reintroduce in April.

2 Months Down

I am now 2 months into my 3 month protocol. It honestly took about 6 weeks before I started to notice much of a difference. My whole life I have struggled with constipation. I remember when I was a little girl waking up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache and the first thing my mom would ask was if I had pooped that day. The answer was always no. For the first time in my life I am consistently have 2 bowel movements a day. I have also noticed that I am sleeping better and have more energy throughout the days.

continuing the Journey

I am so excited to retake my stool test in one month and see how much improvement I have made. As well as starting to reintroduce foods.

I hope that by reading my health journey I can educate, inspire and empower you to take your own health journey.

If you are interested in taking your own health journey, please call me at 720-767-2213 for a FREE 15 minute consultation to learn more.

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