Hypnotherapy and how to move past your blocks in life - The Mind Guy
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Hypnotherapy and how to move past your blocks in life

Hypnotherapy and how to move past your blocks in life

Hypnotherapy and how to move past your blocks in life

Hypnotherapy is never something that I really ever thought about.

That was until I met Thomas (aka The Mind Guy) at a networking event.  I’ve always known that I have some limiting beliefs that I needed to work through in order to accomplish my goals and dreams in life.  Especially since my dream is to live my own life and not what society states is the way to live.  I have had my first hypnotherapy session and was very intrigued at what was brought up.

Things that I thought I had dealt with and moved on from.

I’m excited to continue my hypnotherapy sessions and dive in deeper into my subconscious to release some of my blockages.  In talking with Thomas about hypnotherapy and the mind I thought about how beneficial it would be in hospital settings to help with anxiety, for the person who is always trying to lose weight but doesn’t have the “willpower” to do so, addictions and so many other things.  So I have asked Thomas to write a guest blog today to introduce my readers to hypnotherapy.  If you are interested in trying hypnotherapy with Thomas you can find him at www.themindguy.net.

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An Introduction to Hypnotherapy by the Mind Guy (Thomas Suski)

I just got off the phone with my sister.  I love my sister and she loves me; we are always there for each other and that’s how it’s supposed to be.  It’s interesting to me how over the years as we both enter into our late 30’s the conversations become more about getting through the day.  I may sound exaggerated when I say this but our conversations involve surviving the chaotic reality which is called life.  Life is no simple feat and there are always a few individuals you run into periodically who seem to effortlessly excel at it.  Then maybe for a moment these feelings pop up inside of you.  Feelings of envy, or maybe anger and resentment.  My sister and I do not go through life seamlessly.  We struggle and we complain even though she is more vocal. My negativity manifests through my own thoughts.  Rarely do I criticize others, the criticism is nearly always directed towards myself.  I know how and why these thoughts occur in all of us but it doesn’t mean I can’t get entangled into the spider web of negativity.  I must say it stops me dead in my tracks.  In this state of mind accomplishing something; anything, seems impossible.   I’ve gotten really good at noticing the self-directed attacks and I’m able to redirect, divert or squash them as soon as I become aware of them.  This is the one area of my life I’m determined to become an expert at.  I want to have complete control over my thoughts and feelings.  I assure you it is not an easy task.  Especially after creating so much negative programming throughout my childhood and self-destructive adult years.  Just to clarify I never felt like an adult in my 20’s, but I pretended best I could.  I also understand I won’t have the life I truly desire unless I pursue these efforts.  After all, thoughts manifest reality.  I just have to flip the scale and switch from “Can’t do” to “Can do.”  I’ve made great progress but there is still so much more work to put in.

The only people I know who are masters in this realm of self-control live thousands of miles away.  The monks who practice Buddhism are the ones I speak of.  They are masters of self.  They are the masters of thought and they are the masters of being.  They speak of the simplest way to live life with love and compassion; a concept we can understand easily but to practice this art is unequivocally more challenging.  I’m going to explain to you shortly why people of the Western world are unable to find love and compassion in their own minds and hearts.

One of the saddest byproducts of our society is an individual who is filled with shame & guilt.  A person who doesn’t know how to love the person they spend the most time with. Themselves.  I was that person for nearly a decade.  I was depressed. I was avoidant and socially anxious around others.  I used alcohol to self-medicate.  I could not stand the person I was.  What a terrifying idea, to live with a person you can’t stand?  Now realize many people live their lives feeling this way, even if it’s only for a few moments in their day.  Is it any wonder why TV, movies and Netflix are so popular?  It’s the perfect escape to reality and for a moment you get to choose to live in the story so distant from your own life.  Or as another coping mechanism using reality TV and the dysfunctional characters on these shows to make you feel better about your own life.

Our society idolizes actors and there is a direct correlation to the way people live their lives in this country.  Most of the people I cross paths with are in character.  As actors we hide our weaknesses, our imperfections, and only show our true selves to the ones we love.  Some of us can’t even do that.  We hide ourselves from our partners, from our families, from our friends and as a result we create barriers and walls between us and the people who care for us.  I was a culprit of this for 35 years.  Pretending to be something I was not, but also pretending not to be the quintessential follower of riches and status. More simply said, I was avoiding being seen as shallow and materialistic.  Two of the most prevalent diseases this country faces.  I wanted to be perceived as cool and laid back.  I also wanted to be perceived as perfect.  Neither of which was the truth, but I’m damn good at hiding my weaknesses.  I’m also damn good at telling you what you want to hear.

Back to my sister.  She is 37, a doctor and living in New England.  I’m 35, a hypnotherapist and live in Denver.  We speak frequently on the phone but you can’t always call it a conversation.  There needs to be both the act of talking and the reciprocation of listening by the other.   At times, we don’t do a good job of listening to the other person.  Our days consume our minds and we can’t seem to effectively relinquish our thoughts when we leave the workplace. The same thoughts which prevent us from being present to each other. The thoughts of the past. As conscious beings you need to understand that ninety percent of our thoughts are not new, they are recycled.  The past, even the recent past, have a strangle hold on our lives.  Our recycled thoughts debilitate us.  They prevent us from being in the moment.  Just like my sister and I, we are not being present to each other as we talk on the phone.  Even though technology gives us the ability to converse even though we are over a thousand miles apart, there are some days we are on the phone together and it feels like there is a million miles between us.

Your past is the key to understanding why something isn’t working in your life.   The past is the reason you don’t have everything you want.  In my line of work as a hypnotherapist, I believe every action, behavior, and habit is a direct reflection of past events.  As far as I’m concerned the reason you aren’t a fully expressed individual or why you feel so distant from achieving your goals stems from one of two things.  The first could be from an initial sensitizing event from the past, primarily your childhood.  Anything involving high emotion like getting a scolding from a parent or embarrassing yourself in front of your classmates falls into this category.  The second is from a repetitive set of beliefs coming from a group you identify with.  The most influential people helping you define your belief systems are your parents, teachers, peers, television and of course yourself.  Your mind does not fact check your beliefs.  A belief is an idea you accepted or decided as true and the belief remains even though it may disempower you.  Beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind.

This is what I do.  I help clients tap into their subconscious minds to reverse the beliefs which limit them in life.  Let me share two things which may surprise you:  1) a majority of your beliefs were created before the age of 7.   2) 95% of your actions, behaviors and habits come from your beliefs.  Which is why willpower, a conscious effort, rarely works for people.  If you want to change your life you need to tap into your subconscious and hypnosis is one of the most effective tools for doing just that.  It’s completely safe and the only side effect I know of is a deep sense of relaxation (sounds terrible I know).  Each of us slips in and out of hypnosis throughout the day.  Driving your car and zoning out is an example of being in hypnosis.  Hypnosis is the most powerful technique for change I’ve ever encountered.  I’ve done 24 hypnotherapy sessions myself and it transformed me into a more complete and whole person.  I healed my past.  A past filled with pain and countless limiting beliefs.  Not only did I develop a healthy self-esteem through hypnotherapy, I overcame my addictions to nicotine and alcohol, I overcame my social anxieties, my fear of public speaking, my fear of bees, and my disgust with mushrooms.  I overcame the irritation I would get being stuck in traffic, as I cursed my fellow brothers and sisters in the vehicles around me.  I even overcame my Hay Fever allergy with hypnotherapy.

I was a design engineer for 8 ½ years until I discovered the power of the mind (subconscious mind).  Now I dedicate my life teaching others how to get what they want in life.   I don’t want to create any confusion so let me just say that yes, you can reverse your beliefs consciously.  Although the problem is there is a lack of awareness in one’s beliefs.  Most of your beliefs were created before the age of 7 and they are deep seated.  Also, our conscious memory is not that good.  How many memories are you in the touch with before the age of 7?  Not many I’m sure.  You may have a goal, but are clueless to why you keep failing at it.  This is where I come in and why I’m such an advocate for hypnotherapy.  Your subconscious mind stores all memories and you can access any event from your past through hypnosis.  While in hypnosis you can go to the root cause of what is stopping you from achieving what you want in life and we analyze the beliefs created back in time.  If it is an emotional event we clip out the emotions, like a movie editor, removing any negative feelings associated with the event.  We analyze from the adult reasoning mind and we change the belief set as the younger you.  The new belief now empowers you and replaces the old belief which limited you.

Now you can live your life free from the past and without these limiting beliefs getting in your way, the only thing left in front of you is accomplishing all you set out for yourself in life.

I help you make your dreams a reality.

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