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Five Elements and Your Child

Five Elements and Your Child

The five elements is a foundation of traditional Chinese medicine.  They are related to the seasons, different organs of the body and their functions, and the constitution of a person.  The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  The five elements create a cycle and help to nourish and balance each other.  An imbalance in one element can flow into the next element and cause an imbalance in that one as well.  A person’s constitution usually has a dominant element and then has some tendencies from 1 or 2 of the other elements.  By understanding what element type your child is you can understand the unique way your child experiences and reacts to their environment and situations, learning and attention styles, and strategies to help you help your child take on the world and live a more harmonious life.  

Below you will find a brief description about each element today and in the following five posts I will go into more detail each element.

Wood Element

The wood element represents the season of spring.  Spring is when the earth is bursting with growth and new life.  Wood is the energy that allows us to plan, create and make decisions.  The wood element emotion is anger.  Wood expresses itself in flexibility which is why it relates to ligaments and tendons in the body.  It is the foundation for the development of all movement.  

Fire Element

The fire element represents the season of summer.  Summer is when life and the world around us is full of activity.  Fruits and vegetables are ripening.  The weather is hot.  Fire is the energy that allows us to be joyful.  Fire rules the heart and circulatory system.  It is the foundation of developing relationships and speech.

Earth Element

The earth element represents the season of Indian summer.  The season between summer and autumn.  Indian summer is for harvesting.  Earth element is what centers us and allows us to nurture others.  This is why the emotion represented with the Earth element is sympathy.  Earth is seen in the tone of our flesh.  The Earth element rules our digestion.  It is the foundation of a child to feel safe in herself and in her environment.

Metal Element

The metal element represents the season of autumn.  A time when we let go of things to make room for new.  With letting go of things we see the emotion of grief.  Metal rules our skin, lungs and nose.  It is the foundation for the development of self-perception and boundaries.

Water Element

The water element represents the season of winter.  This is a time of hibernation, rejuvenation, deep rest, and powerful stillness to prepare for the spring.  Water is seen as our fluidity, calmness and ability to face the unknowns in life.  With this element comes the emotion of fear.  Water rules our bones and bone marrow as it is our supportive physical structure.  This is the foundation for being able to move into new situations in life.

If you believe your child may have an imbalance in their predominant element, call 720-767-2213 or go to Blue Butterfly Holistic Health to schedule an appointment.  Acupuncture can help to bring balance to your child.

Five element cycle

Five Element Cycle

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