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Create Health

Create Life - Health and Wellness

Create Health

For those of you who have been reading my blogs or have read through my website have probably seen me use the phrase “create health” a few times.  Let me explain what I mean by this.

Have you ever noticed that “normal” has changed?

Working in the clinic during acupuncture school and with talking to parents of patients as a nurse, I have heard the word normal thrown out so many times.  Do you have any reflux?  Yes, but it’s normal.  Do you have any pain?  Yes, but that’s normal as I get older.  Do your baby have reflux? Yes, but its normal and she will grow out of it.

Did you know that none of these are actually normal and you don’t have to live with it.

Another thing that most people believe is that if you have a family history of a disease or health problem, you will inevitably have that disease or health problem as well.  In truth, most diseases and health problems that a family member has had will put you at a higher risk for them but does not mean it is inevitable.  So looking at your health, what have you just grown use to dealing with?  Reflux, insomnia, joint pain, PMS, irregular periods, extra weight, or do you just seem to catch EVERYTHING that goes around?  Or do you have a history of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, dementia or cancer in your family?  Or looking at your children – do they have frequent ear infections? Frequent colds/runny nose? Reflux? Insomnia?  Hyperactivity?  Digestive issues?

Now looking at yours and your child’s health problems or risks of health diseases, what are you or could you miss out on in life because of these?

Do your kids frequently miss school because they are sick?  Do you miss out on outings because your period pain is so painful that you can’t get out of bed?   Do you want to be around, have energy and no pain so that you can play with your grandkids?  Do you not have enough energy to get through the day and get things done at work because you suffer with insomnia?  Have you worked hard your whole life and are looking forward to enjoying retirement, but looks like you will be spending it getting knees and hips replaced?  Do you have a goal to live until you are 100, and not just alive in a nursing home, but maybe sharing an adventure with your family on your 100th birthday?

I would love and it is a goal of mine to be sharing a scuba/snorkeling, hiking, or kayaking adventure with my family on my 100th birthday!  So let me ask you – What are your goals in life??? How do you want to live out your life???

Dream Big, Live Big!!!

You could be like the pig swimming in the ocean in the picture!

I can help you create health in your life!!!   I can lessen or eliminate any symptoms or health issues and help reduce your risk of developing any diseases that run in your familyAcupuncture, nutritional therapy, lifestyle modifications and stress reduction will help achieve your health goals.  I will by your partner in your journey to reach your health goals.

If you want to CREATE HEALTH in your life book an appointment with me.  If you can not find a time that works for you, please give me a call at 720-767-2213 and we can see if there is another time that will work.

In health,

Jillian Steele
Acupuncturist Aurora
(720) 767-2213
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