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What’s in Season – Asparagus

What's in Season - Asparagus

What’s in Season – Asparagus

Happy Friday!!!

Two weeks ago I asked for favorite recipes or ways to prepare potatoes.  My mom, one of my biggest supporters, sent me her favorite way to prepare potatoes.  She likes to cut them in half, place the cut side down on the skillet, and add butter or ghee to the skillet and cook for about 20 minutes.  This makes the potatoes crispy brown on the cut side, and soft on the inside.  Definitely one of my favorite ways to prepare and eat potatoes.

I am so excited for the addition of a vegetable that is now in season – asparagus!!!

I love asparagus!  One of my favorite ways to cook it is to wrap the asparagus in bacon and cook it in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes.  So yummy!

What are your favorite ways to eat asparagus???

Vegetables –  asparagus, broccoli, broccolini, brussels sprouts, butternut squash, celery root, collards, fennel, kale, leeks, mache, potatoes (maincrop), rutabaga, salsify, sunchoke, turnips

Fruits – grapefruit, kiwi fruit, oranges, tamarillo, ugli fruit

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