About Jillian Steele - Blue Butterfly Holistic Health - Acupuncture Aurora
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Jillian Steele - Aurora Acupuncturist

Hi! I’m Jillian Steele. I am a Registered Nurse, Licensed Acupuncturist, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Meditation teacher and Reiki Master. Blue Butterfly Holistic Health transpired through my own personal life and health journey.

When I was 22, during my annual exam, my doctor found cysts on my ovaries. I then did follow up tests including bloodwork and ultrasound. They were all positive for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). I remember it was a Friday afternoon, I was handed a pamphlet about PCOS and my doctor said that when I decide to have children and if I had difficulty getting pregnant than we would deal with it.

I was already on a birth control pill so most of the symptoms of PCOS were not visible, so I went about my life. 10 years later I was ready to try to start my family. I stopped the birth control pill and all of the symptoms I had read about with PCOS came about in full force. I gained 20 pounds and no matter how much I exercised, if I could even get enough energy to, I couldn’t get the weight to budge. I also developed severe cystic acne along my chin and started growing sideburns.

My doctor suggested a low glycemic index diet, which I tried but had only a very minor improvement. I knew that something had to change so I did my own research. Numerous blogs by other women with PCOS said you had to cut out dairy from your diet, meditation would help to bring down your stress and cortisol levels, and that acupuncture had helped tremendously to help them balance their hormones and get pregnant. I made an appointment with an acupuncturist, found a beginner’s meditation app, and decided that starting the next day I would go dairy free for 2 weeks to see if there would be any difference.

Dr. Jillian Steele's Story - Blue Butterfly Holistic Health

In 5 days I had dropped 5 pounds, had 110% more energy and had no new cystic acne show up. I was sold, no more dairy. Acupuncture than helped to bring my cycle back to normal and help me to start ovulating again. Meditation helped me to reduce my stress level and was very helpful when I went through my divorce and loss my hope of starting a family.

Seeing how much each of these modalities helped me I wanted to learn more about each of them and teach others about them. I had no idea what I was missing in my life staying status quo on my diet and health instead of treating my body with love so that it will love me back. I enrolled in Traditional Chinese Medicine school and signed up for a meditation teacher certification course. Now that I have finished both of those I am enrolled in a nutrition therapy course.

I always knew that I wanted to work with kids and have been a pediatric nurse since 2001. I currently practice as an RN at Children’s Hospital Colorado. My love of working with kids has continued into my practice today. I graduated from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2017 and have started my own acupuncture practice specializing in fertility and pediatric acupuncture. I will graduate from my nutritional therapy course in October 2018 and look forward to adding this added benefit to my practice.

My mission is to support YOUR health goals and choices for yourself and/or your child to becoming happier and healthier. I love what I do. It’s inspiring, exciting, and so gratifying to watch people transform in front of my eyes.