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You’re probably here because you are tired of the struggle you and your family are going through. Whether it is fertility struggles or your child(ren) suffer from ADHD, autism, asthma, digestive issues, behavioral issues, recurrent illnesses, or painful periods, you are just tired of it all and want better for yourself and your family.


This is not how you saw your family life playing out. You wanted to enjoy the time with your family not spend it in and out of doctor’s offices. That’s why you are here. You are ready to break the cycle and deep down you know there has to be a more holistic, natural way to go about it.


Your mother’s intuition is telling you that you should become as healthy as you can so that when you become pregnant you will give your child the best shot at being healthy as well. Or maybe it is telling you that there has got to be something deep down that is causing your child to have behavioral issues, asthma, digestive issues, recurrent infections, and instead of just adding another medication you want to find it and fix it.

Breaking Your Child's Code

Request a copy of my free e-book: “Breaking Your Child’s Code”.


This e-book will give you some insight into your child, their personality, and ways to help them thrive.

Family Health and Wellness Aurora

You are here because you are finally ready to transform yours and your family’s life. And you know there has to be a powerful, holistic approach to it.


The good news is no matter how long you have struggled with getting pregnant, or have been having an uncomfortable pregnancy, or your child has been suffering, you’ve come to the right place, and there are some great holistic solutions to restore yours and your family’s health and reclaim a life of joy, fun, and balance.


Rather than just helping you and your family “feel a little better” I will help you create a plan for balanced and healthy living that will serve you for the rest of your life.

I’m so excited to work with you and your family!!!

To experience maximum value from our clinic, please take the following 3 steps.

Leave your name and email above for your free e-book called “Breaking Your Child’s Code“. This e-book will give you some insight into your child, their personality, and ways to help them thrive.

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Jillian Steele - Aurora Acupuncturist

About Jillian Steele

I’m Jillian Steele. I’ve been a pediatric nurse since 2001. I received my acupuncture license in the state of Colorado in February 2018. I am doggie mom to my black lab mix, Loma. We enjoy getting up into the mountains to hike.